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Our Carwash:
Portage La Prairie’s Choice for a Custom Truck Wash

Whether you drive a small commuter car or a large commercial truck, Prairie Rock Car & Truck Wash has the facilities to accommodate all your vehicle wash needs. Our carwash in Portage La Prairie includes self-service bays. On the other hand, if you’d rather have one of our professional attendants custom clean your large commercial truck, we’ll be happy to handle the job and answer any questions you may have. We have a total of 10 wash bays: 6 smaller bays for car washes and 4 large bays for large trucks, tractors and trailers. While you wait for us to clean your truck, you can sit in our comfortable lounge!

On this page, explore some of the affordable services we offer.


Custom Truck and Semi-Trailer Wash

If you operate an industrial or commercial business, there’s a good chance that your trucks get dirty and grimy from all their time out on the road and in the field. We’ve got large vehicle bays that can accommodate your large trucks, allowing you to keep your vehicles clean. Our attendants will customize your wash for your needs.
We offer custom washes for commercial trailers including:

  • Reefer trailers
  • Hopper trailers
  • Stock trailers

RV and Motor Home Wash

If you're transporting cargo or travelling in larger vehicles, it’s important to get your vehicles cleaned out at regular intervals. Our facilities are equipped to accommodate your large RVs and motorhomes.

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Self-Serve Truck Wash

While many clients come to us for our custom truck clean services, perhaps you’d rather handle your own truck cleaning. If that’s the case, we welcome you to use our self-service truck wash facilities.


Self-Serve Car Wash

Wash your car in one of our 6 car bays! Clean your Corolla, beautify your Buick or polish your Pontiac. You can clean your car, and an attendant will be on hand if you have any questions.


Self-Serve Tractor Wash

It’s inevitable: tractors get dirty! Wash off the stubborn muck before it gets out of control. Bring your tractor to us and use our self-service facilities. Our facility is well-equipped to meet all your tractor clean needs.


Other Services

  • Trailer de-icing during winter
  • Vacuums in bays for interior clean  

Self-Serve and Custom wash

We’ve got the facilities to clean commuter cars and large commercial trucks and trailers.

Whatever your wash needs, whatever the size of your vehicle, we have the facilities to accommodate. Contact us today!

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